I suppose I should give a brief introduction.

I've been a spark for 35 years.

A decade on the cards before the mass pump & subbied ever since.

The game as a whole "is fucked" & in last decade extremely so.

With this supposed worthy & worthwhile career choice now turning into a shitshow, it dawned on me that WE need to do something before the governing bodies make being an electrician - utterly meaningless! With this in mind & after much encouragement from a few goodfellas, an online petition was suggested... To be honest, I thought 'good idea' but what could a poxy virtual online petition achieve in real terms. Answer, has resulted in a raised awareness & increase in communication between subs on the grub which I hope would at least influence some to not only expect but demand change.

2 years down the line 7,200+ have signed & shown their solidarity. Furthermore, what was a few decent lads on a couple of WhatsApp groups has grown into a community "of sorts" that share vital & relevant info that has kept us all up to date & connected.The petition known as *EWRI* = Electricians Working Rights Initiative, has had the simple effect of highlighting how many sparks are fed up & fecked off. It's main stipulations being also taken up by the burgeoning union the *EWB*

In short we want; less hours, more pay, better conditions & some sort of long term plan to perhaps guide self employed electricians in the same direction. I remain hopeful that the many & varied groups, forums & organisations will eventually share a common agenda to basically improve an average work a day sparkles lot. Sadly, a consensus thus far hasn't been reached & shit slinging from this side to that seems to prevail whilst us fellas at the coal face who have significant years in the industry still find ourselves asking (all the more)


Despite the initial disharmony I'm hopeful that common ground will be found & a unified front representing all of our needs & wants will be achieved. In the midst of all these combined efforts to modernise & gain justifiable earnings & not simply be a cash cow for the JIB to enforce unnecessary regulation updates & pointless H&S requirements on us. In addition, agencies who predominantly bleet that they are doing their best for US, are on the whole FULL OF SHIT....

Rumours & truths abound about how much of our hard earned cash is siphoned off by these lowlifes who choose to disregard us & what we need. These issues & many more will make up part of a weekly blog that I expect will be publicised & therefore gain us all some positive feedback.

Stand up & be counted as proud of your trade & once again make it mean something. Rather than a joke of a job that any know nothing & no mark can blag a living out of.


Nuff said for now.

Regards M.N.E.


Sign petition, join OUR movement & most importantly spread the word.


Thanks for listening.

Up the 🇪🇼🇷🇮 ®