our mission

the ewb’s mission is and always be to fight for better working conditions for our members!

the industry has been declining for years and we must climb back to the top of the ladder where we deserve to be.

our trade differs from most in the sense that along with the normal risks associated within construction we also risk electrocution and fires if we get it wrong. The training we should have all received needs to be reflected in the pay we receive along with the route to getting qualified being narrowed down and refined so we truly produce the best electricians possible.

electrical workers trained in the UK were once considered the best in the world and there is no reason that should have changed!

We have set out a list of goals that we feel are both needed and achievable which are as follows:

  1. Secure a fair wage for Electricians, Improvers,trainees and LABOURERS based over an 8 hour day

  2. Educate on what the above roles are and exactly what work should be undertaken by each role

  3. Build a community of likeminded people and get rid of the toxic atmosphere we currently have between workers on social media platforms

  4. Tackle unfair agencies and rid the industry of both payroll charges and umbrella payments

  5. Eliminate "12 week course" electricians who have no right to work in our industry

  6. Highlight the dangers that unskilled, unqualified workers impose on the general public

  7. Set up an alternative grading system to bring competition regarding ECS cards

  8. Get a chapter in the JIB handbook exclusively for sub-contacting electricians which includes pay scales.

Our goals will become reality with your support so sign up today and join our movement!